Level 2 Report (formerly the Homebuyer Report)

This is a comprehensive inspection and report, which is suited to more modern properties or older properties in good condition. This type of report is also suitable for most converted and purpose built flats. The report will advise you on the overall condition of the property, its structural condition, any necessary repairs, future maintenance considerations and the condition of services. As part of the inspection we test for dampness, check accessible timbers for decay and ‘woodworm’ and identify any materials which may contain asbestos. All accessible roof and floor voids would be entered as part of the inspection. The report will include photos of construction details and defects. The report will provide you with the information required to make an informed decision on your purchase. We would also be happy to advise on future alterations or extensions as part of the report. However, if you are planning significant works, then a Level 3 Building Survey may be more appropriate.


What a Level 2 Report Includes

Level 2 Homebuyer Report - What Level 2 Includes

  • Advice on the overall condition of the property, including structural defects

  • Advice on necessary repairs

  • Future maintenance considerations

  • The presence of dampness, decay, and woodworm

  • Highlighting potential asbestos containing materials

  • Photos of construction details and defects

  • Phone call on the day of inspection, if required

  • Follow up discussion after receiving the report, if required

Inspecting Residential Properties

Our residential surveys include a comprehensive inspection and home purchase report.