Level 3 Building Survey

This is the most comprehensive inspection and report, which is suitable for older and more complex properties, including properties in poor condition. If the property is Listed, then we would normally recommend a Level 3 Building Survey to enable an appropriate level of advice to be provided. The inspection is more comprehensive than a level 2 inspection and the report contains more detailed advice in respect of any recommended repairs. There are also more photos of construction details. The Energy Performance Certificate will be analysed in specific detail with more advice being provided on improvements to thermal efficiency and energy use. This type of report is also more appropriate for purchasers who plan on carrying out extensions and alterations. The report will also include an itemised summary of recommended repairs, which can be useful when a property is in need of refurbishment. Cost guidance can be provided if required.


What a Level 3 Report includes

Level 3 Building Survey - What Level 3 Involves

  • Comprehensive and thorough inspection of the property

  • Extensive photographs of construction details and defects

  • In depth advise on defects and repair options

  • Itemised summary of recommended repairs

  • More detailed advice on damp issues and timber infestation/decay

  • More detailed advice on energy matters

  • Highlighting potential asbestos containing materials

  • Phone call on the day of inspection, if required

  • Follow up discussion after receiving the report, if required

Surveying Properties and Listed Buildings

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